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10 Easy Black Hair Wrap Styles For Beginners! (1)

Ever wanted to try a new style for your hair but need help figuring out where to start? Look no further than black hair wrap styles!

There are unique and creative ways to wear a wrap to make any look stand out. There’s something for everyone, from high buns, turbans, and headwraps with bows to African print wraps and wide headbands.

Let’s dive in and find ways you can dress up your hair with these stylish wraps!

High bun wrap

With just some twists and turns, you can create an elegant high bun that will turn heads. Whether you choose a head wrap style or an African headwrap style, the key is ensuring that your hair is firmly secured.

Start by sectioning off your hair and brushing it until it’s smooth and tangle-free. Tie the head wrap around your head in whatever design you find most appealing, ensuring it fits securely at the nape of your neck.

Once you have done this, begin twisting sections of your hair into tight coils until they’re all pinned up into a high bun. You can add flair with decorative pins or accessories to complete the look.

10 Easy Black Hair Wrap Styles For Beginners! High bun wrap

Turban wrap

Wrapping your head in a turban is a great way to add flair to the way you look. In fact, it’s estimated that over 1.2 billion people worldwide wear turbans for fashion and religious purposes! Turbans, also known as head wraps or headscarves, have been a popular style of African head wrap for centuries.

A classic turban style involves wrapping one end of the fabric around the forehead and then twisting the fabric before securing it at the nape of the neck. This style works well for those who prefer an understated look since it doesn’t require much effort or time.

However, many other ways to tie a turban will provide more dramatic options, such as bows, knots, and intricate braiding techniques. You can create countless looks by changing how you tie your turban!

10 Easy Black Hair Wrap Styles For Beginners! Turban wrap

Headwrap with a bow

Perfect for special occasions or an everyday accessory, this style is for people who love to experiment with different looks. Headwraps are also incredibly versatile, so you can still rock this glamorous look no matter what hair texture or length you have.

To achieve the perfect headwrap with a bow, start by gathering your hair into two sections: at the crown and at the nape of your neck. Secure each section with a satin scarf or elastic band and twist them together until they form a bun.

Then take a long piece of fabric – such as silk, velvet, or cotton – and wrap it around your head in whichever way you wish. Finally, tie the ends in an elegant bow at the top of your head. Later secure it with pins. You can even add extensions for extra volume if desired!

From sleek low ponies to romantic twists, Instagram is full of stylish ways to wear this trend – go ahead and try it!

10 Easy Black Hair Wrap Styles For Beginners! Headwrap with a bow

Crown wrap

A crown wrap is a sophisticated way to elevate any look. To achieve this style, you’ll need a silk or cotton scarf and, optionally, a hooded dryer.

Start by using the scarf to make an anchor knot at the middle of your forehead and tie it with two loops on each side while keeping the ends even. Pulling back the sides of your hair as you go, begin wrapping one loop over your head and tuck it under the opposite side. Wrap the second loop from top to bottom in the same manner until all your hair is tucked away between both layers of fabric.

For extra hold, use some bobby pins if needed. Finish off with a French twist for elegant flair.

10 Easy Black Hair Wrap Styles For Beginners! crown wrap

Twisted turban wrap

Experience the high glamour of a twisted turban wrap and instantly add effortless style to your look. This classic turban style is created with silk scarves, African print headwraps, or even an old silk pillowcase – endless possibilities!

To achieve this look:

  1. Fold a square scarf in half diagonally.
  2. Once folded, tie the ends together at the back of your head and twist the remaining fabric until you achieve your desired shape.
  3. For extra detail, tuck any loose strands into place or pin them up with hair clips for extra security.

You can learn how to master this timeless style with ease. Need additional help? Try searching online for a tutorial video with step-by-step instructions on creating this elegant look.

10 Easy Black Hair Wrap Styles For Beginners! twisted turban wrap

Knotted wrap

Try knotting your scarf for a chic, sophisticated look that requires minimal effort! You can rock this timeless style in no time with just a few simple steps.

To begin, select a head wrap made from lightweight fabric and ensure it’s the correct size for your head. Next, braid two pieces of fabric together until they’re tightly secured. Once the two ends are tied together, carefully place the knotted wrap around your head like a crown and secure it with pins or clips.

This style looks incredibly stunning on black women, allowing them to showcase their unique beauty while still providing practicality. If you’re looking for extra flair, add colorful accessories like turban-style headbands for women – it’s guaranteed to turn heads!

10 Easy Black Hair Wrap Styles For Beginners! knotted wrap

Scarf wrap with a side knot

Try this side knot look for a modern twist on the traditional scarf wrap!

Start by picking out a large, lightweight head wrap with enough fabric to cover your hair. Drape it around your head with one end slightly longer than the other.

Then, take the shorter end, make a single loop at the base of your neck, and tuck it into the back of itself. Finally, tie the longer end in a simple knot with the shorter end as close to one ear as possible.

This site knot style is perfect for black hair because it can easily adjust to fit different head shapes and sizes. Plus, it gives off an effortlessly chic vibe that’ll have heads turning all day!

10 Easy Black Hair Wrap Styles For Beginners! scarf with a side knot

African print wrap

Give your look an African-inspired vibe with this unique print wrap! Why not try something new and stylish to stand out from the crowd? African print headwraps are a great way to accessorize any style of hair.

Whether you have natural curls or straightened hair, a wrap is a perfect way to show off the beauty of black hair.

With its bright colors and unique patterns, an African print wrap adds serious flair to make heads turn. Plus, many wraps come pre-tied with elastic bands, making them easy to apply and adjust for all head shapes and sizes.

Women worldwide have been wearing these vibrant head coverings for centuries to demonstrate their cultural pride—so why not join them by adding a beautiful African print wrap to your look today?

10 Easy Black Hair Wrap Styles For Beginners! african print wrap

Headwrap with a top knot

It’s a fashion-forward flair with the addition of an African print headwrap and top knot! This protective style is a great way for women to add texture and dimension to their everyday looks.

The combination of a square scarf and a top knot is both stylish and practical, allowing you to achieve maximum coverage while keeping all of your hair neatly tucked away. Crafted from lightweight cotton fabric, this wrap allows for breathability while providing adequate protection against the elements.

Plus, you can always switch up your styling with different ways to tie the wrap – making it perfect for any occasion or event! With the addition of an African print headwrap featuring a beautiful pattern, you can easily make any outfit instantly more eye-catching.

10 Easy Black Hair Wrap Styles For Beginners! headwrap with a top knot

Wide headband wrap

Ready for a change? You can transition from the classic headwrap with a top knot to a wide headband wrap style.

This hair wrap style is perfect for adding more volume and bounce. A wider headband shape helps create the illusion of fullness while keeping your hair in place.

Not only will these products help ensure that your hair stays put, but they’ll also keep it hydrated throughout the day.

Plus, you can flaunt your new look without worrying about breakage or frizziness!

10 Easy Black Hair Wrap Styles For Beginners! wide headband wrap


You’ve learned about the seven black hair wrap styles that will make any look pop.

From the high bun wrap to the African print wrap, you now have plenty of options for creating a stylish and unique look.

Whether you’re up for a classic or modern style, these wraps will keep your hair in place and look great all day. Plus, they’ll add an extra sparkle of creativity to any outfit.

So go ahead and tie one on—your new hairdo will dazzle your friends!

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