Black Celebrity Hair Styles: Breaking Beauty Standards



Black Celebrity Hair Styles Breaking Beauty Standards

Looking to switch up your hairstyle? Look no further than black celebrity hairstyles!

From Beyoncé’s sleek bob to Rihanna’s long, wavy curls, there are endless options to inspire your next look.

Get ready to rock a braided crown like Zendaya or embrace your natural beauty with Lupita Nyong’o’s fabulous afro.

With Taraji P. Henson’s pixie cut and Issa Rae’s faux locs, the possibilities are endless.

Whether you prefer cornrows like Serena Williams’s or a bold-colored pixie cut like Lizzo, these styles will make you feel like a superstar.

Let’s dive in and discover the world of black celebrity hairstyles!

Beyoncé – Sleek Bob

Black Celebrity Hair Styles Breaking Beauty Standards

If you want a sleek and sophisticated look, Beyoncé’s bob hairstyle is perfect for you. Beyoncé, one of the most influential black celebrities in the entertainment industry, has been known to rock various hairstyles throughout her career. However, her sleek bob hairstyle stands out as a timeless choice for black women with straight hair.

The bob hairstyle is a classic and versatile option that customized to suit different face shapes and personal styles. Beyoncé’s sleek bob adds an air of elegance and sophistication to any look. With its clean lines and smooth texture, this hairstyle exudes confidence and poise.

To achieve Beyoncé’s sleek bob, start by getting a precise cut that falls just below the chin or at shoulder length. This length helps to frame the face beautifully while still allowing for easy styling options. Next, use a flat iron to straighten hair, ensuring it is smooth and free from any frizz or flyaways.

To maintain the sleekness of this style, regular trims are mandatory to prevent split ends and maintain the shape of the bob. Additionally, using heat-protectant products before styling can help minimize damage caused by heat-styling tools.

Rihanna – Long, Wavy Curls

Black Celebrity Hair Styles Breaking Beauty Standards 2

You can achieve Rihanna’s long, wavy curls by using a curling iron and some styling products. Here’s how:

Prepare your hair

Start by washing and conditioning hair with products that are suitable for your hair type. Towel dry gently to remove excess water.

Apply heat protectant

Before using any heat styling tools, it’s important to protect your hair from damage. Apply heat protectant spray or serum evenly throughout your hair to create a barrier between heat and your strands.

Curling technique

Divide your hair into small sections, about 1-2 inches wide. Take one section at a time and wrap it around the barrel of the curling iron, starting from the mid-lengths towards the ends of your hair. Hold for a few seconds and release.

Set and define

Once you have curled all of your sections, allow them to cool before touching them. This will help set the curls in place and make them last longer. Gently separate the curls with your fingers or use a wide-toothed comb for more defined waves.

To maintain these beautiful waves, you can spritz some hairspray lightly over your finished hairstyle to keep it in place throughout the day.

Rihanna’s long, wavy curls are perfect for any occasion – whether going out with friends or attending an elegant event. Embrace natural hair texture and experiment with different hairstyles that showcase its beauty.

Zendaya – Braided Crown

Black Celebrity Hair Styles Breaking Beauty Standards 3

Zendaya’s braided crown is a stunning hairstyle that adds elegant and regal touch to any look. This intricate style has become increasingly popular among black celebrities, as it not only showcases their natural beauty but also serves as a protective style for their hair.

Zendaya, known for her impeccable sense of style, often turns heads with her diverse range of hairstyles, and the braided crown is no exception.

Braids have always been a staple in black hair culture, and Zendaya effortlessly incorporates this timeless trend into her red carpet looks. The braided crown consists of tightly woven box braids that are skillfully arranged in a circular pattern around the head, creating a crown-like effect. This hairstyle exudes confidence and sophistication while simultaneously highlighting the versatility of black hair.

Black celebrities like Zendaya are known for pushing boundaries when it comes to hairstyles, constantly setting trends that inspire others to embrace their natural beauty. The popularity of celebrity hairstyles extends beyond just aesthetics; they serve as representations of empowerment and self-expression within the black community.

The braided crown is not only visually striking but also practical for maintaining healthy hair. By wearing this protective style, Zendaya can shield her strands from damage caused by heat-styling tools or harsh environmental factors. Additionally, she can easily switch up her look by accessorizing with beads or ribbons for added flair.

Lupita Nyong’o – Natural Afro

Black Celebrity Hair Styles Breaking Beauty Standards 4

Lupita Nyong’o rocks a natural afro hairstyle that celebrates her beautiful and authentic self. As one of the most prominent black celebrities in Hollywood, Lupita has become an inspiration for many women with afro-textured hair. Her natural curl pattern is embraced and showcased in various curly hairstyles that she effortlessly pulls off.

Lupita’s afro hair is a perfect example of embracing one’s natural beauty. Afro-textured hair known as Type 4 hair, is characterized by its tight coils and curls. It requires some special care and attention to maintain its health and manageability. Lupita’s dedication to embracing her natural hair has paved the way for more representation of black hairstyles in mainstream media.

One of Lupita’s go-to hairstyles is the iconic afro. This voluminous style showcases her natural curl pattern and allows her to express herself authentically. The key to achieving this look is proper moisturization, regular trims, and gentle handling to avoid breakage.

In addition to the afro, Lupita also experiments with other curly hairstyles such as bantu knots, twist-outs, and wash-and-go styles. These versatile looks highlight the beauty of black hair while providing options for different occasions.

Lupita Nyong’o’s commitment to showcasing her natural hair serves as an inspiration for women with similar hair types. Through her confidence and grace in rocking various curly hairstyles, she encourages others to embrace their own unique beauty. Whether it be through an elegant updo or letting her curls roam free, Lupita continues to shine a light on the beauty of black natural hairstyles in Hollywood and beyond.

Taraji P. Henson – Pixie Cut

Black Celebrity Hair Styles Breaking Beauty Standards 5

When it comes to Taraji P. Henson, her pixie cut is a stunning and bold hairstyle that showcases her fierce and confident personality. The pixie cut is a popular choice among African American women, as it not only embraces their natural hair texture but also allows them to experiment with different styles and looks.

Here are three reasons why Taraji P. Henson’s pixie cut stands out in the realm of black celebrity hairstyles:


Despite its short length, the pixie cut offers endless possibilities for styling. Whether it’s slicked back for a sleek and polished look or tousled for a more edgy vibe, Taraji effortlessly shows off the versatility of this hairstyle.

Protective Hairstyle

In the midst of natural hair movement, many African American women have embraced shorter hairstyles like the pixie cut as a way to protect hair from any kind of damage caused by heat styling and chemical treatments. By opting for this style, Taraji not only stays on-trend but also prioritizes the health of her hair.


As one of Hollywood’s leading actresses, Taraji P. Henson has become a trendsetter when it comes to black celebrity hairstyles. Her fearless embrace of short hairstyles like the pixie cut has inspired countless women to step outside their comfort zones and experiment with bolder looks.

Janelle Monáe – Pompadour

Black Celebrity Hair Styles Breaking Beauty Standards 6

If you’re looking for a bold and unique hairstyle, Janelle Monáe’s pompadour is a stunning choice that exudes confidence and individuality. This iconic style has become synonymous with Monáe’s signature look and has inspired many black women to embrace their natural locks.

The pompadour is versatile hairstyle that can be worn on medium-length hair, making it accessible to those who may not have long locks.

To achieve Janelle Monáe’s pompadour, start by washing and conditioning your curly hair with products specifically designed for textured hair. Next, apply leave-in conditioner or curl cream to enhance the natural shine and definition of curls. Use wide-toothed comb or fingers to gently detangle your hair while it’s still damp.

Once your hair is detangled, section off the front portion of your hair that will create the height for the pompadour. Take this section and begin teasing it at the roots to create volume. Secure this section in place using bobby pins or small clips.

Next, gather the remaining back portion of your hair into an updo using bobby pins or an elastic band. You can choose to create a sleek bun or leave some curls loose for added texture.

To finish off the look, use a strong-hold hairspray to set everything in place and keep any flyaways at bay. You can add accessories like headbands or decorative pins to further customize your pompadour.

Janelle Monáe’s pompadour is not only a beautiful hairstyle but also serves as an inspiration for black women looking for unique ways to express themselves through their hair. Embrace your natural locks, experiment with different updo hairstyles and braided hairstyles, and let your beautiful curls take center stage with confidence and style!

Halle Berry – Short and Spiky

Black Celebrity Hair Styles Breaking Beauty Standards 7

To achieve Halle Berry’s short and spiky hairstyle, start by cutting your hair into a short, layered cut with choppy ends for added texture and volume. This iconic style has been sported by many female celebrities, including Tracee Ellis Ross, who rocked her own version of the short and spiky look.

Here are three key steps to help you achieve this trendy and natural hairstyle:

Embrace Your Natural Texture

If you have curly hair, work with your locks instead of against them. Emphasize your natural curls by using a curl-enhancing product or diffusing your hair for extra volume.

Use the Right Products

To create the desired spiky effect, choose a lightweight styling product that provides hold without weighing down your hair. Apply a small amount of pomade or wax to your fingertips and tousle through the top layers to create definition and separation.

Maintain Regular Trims

Short hairstyles like Halle Berry’s require regular trims to keep their shape intact. Visit a professional stylist every 4-6 weeks to maintain the length and ensure that any split ends are removed.

Halle Berry is known for her versatile hairstyles, but her short and spiky look remains one of her most iconic choices. With these simple steps and some experimentation, you can rock this edgy hairstyle with confidence while embracing your own unique beauty as well as celebrating black hair in all its natural glory.

Viola Davis – Curly Bob

Black Celebrity Hair Styles Breaking Beauty Standards 8

You can achieve Viola Davis’ curly bob by starting with a layered cut and adding curls for texture and volume. Viola Davis, known for her stunning natural curls, has been rocking this iconic hairstyle that perfectly suits her dense hair and afro type texture. The curly bob is popular choice among black celebrities and is a versatile option for those with curly or wavy hair.

To recreate Viola’s look, start by getting a layered haircut that adds movement and dimension to your hair. Layers help to enhance the natural curls and give the bob shape and structure. Next, use curling products or hot tools to create loose, bouncy curls throughout your hair. This will add texture and volume, giving you the signature curly bob look.

Maintaining this hairstyle requires some effort but is definitely worth it for the perfect result. Use products specifically designed for curly hair to keep your curls defined and frizz-free. Regular trims are essential to prevent split ends and maintain shape of your bob.

The beauty of Viola’s curly bob lies in its ability to showcase natural curls while still looking polished and stylish. It’s a great option for those who want an easy-to-manage hairstyle that embraces their natural texture. With some styling techniques and the right products, you can rock this trendy look just like Viola Davis herself!

Kerry Washington – Sleek Ponytail

Black Celebrity Hair Styles Breaking Beauty Standards 9

Now that we’ve discussed Viola Davis’ stunning curly bob let’s move on to another iconic black celebrity hairstyle – Kerry Washington’s sleek ponytail.

Kerry Washington is known for her impeccable sense of style, and her sleek ponytail is no exception. This hairstyle exudes elegance and sophistication, making it perfect for formal events and everyday wear. Here are five reasons why Kerry Washington’s sleek ponytail stands out among other black celebrity hairstyles:


The sleek ponytail has stood test of time and continues to be popular choice among black celebrities. It never goes out of style and always looks polished and put together.


Whether you’re attending a red carpet-event or going for a casual lunch with friends, Kerry Washington’s sleek ponytail can be easily dressed up or down to suit any occasion.


This hairstyle is all about smoothness and shine. With careful styling and the right products, you can achieve a glossy finish that adds an extra touch of glamour to your look.


The slicked-back nature of the ponytail helps to accentuate your facial features, drawing attention to your eyes, cheekbones, and jawline.

Easy maintenance

One of the great things about this hairstyle is its simplicity when it comes to upkeep. Simply brush your hair back into a high or low ponytail, secure it with an elastic band, and use some hairspray or gel to tame any flyaways.

Overall, Kerry Washington’s sleek ponytail is a classic yet modern hairstyle choice that complements her natural beauty perfectly. Give it a try yourself and embrace the chicness that this hairstyle brings!

Solange Knowles – Box Braids

Black Celebrity Hair Styles Breaking Beauty Standards 10

Solange Knowles’ box braids are a signature hairstyle that showcases her unique and bold sense of fashion. As one of the most influential black celebrity hairstyles, Solange’s box braids have become a popular choice among African American women. This braided style not only celebrates natural texture but also offers versatility and beauty.

Box braids are characterized by their neat and uniform sections, creating a symmetrical pattern that is both eye-catching and stylish. Solange takes it to the next level by incorporating various colors into her box braids, adding depth and dimension to her look. This boho box braid style has become synonymous with Solange’s image, exuding confidence and individuality.

One of the reasons why box braids have gained popularity among black women is because they provide a protective style option for those looking to give their natural hair a break from manipulation or heat styling. Box braids worn in different ways – from cascading down your back to styled into a beautiful updo – making them suitable for any occasion.

Black celebrity hairstyles like Solange’s box braids inspire many women to embrace their natural texture and explore different ways to express themselves through their hair. By showcasing these diverse hairstyles, celebrities like Solange empower others to celebrate their own unique beauty.

Whether you choose to rock boho box braids like Solange or opt for other black celebrity hairstyles, remember that your hair is an expression of who you are. Embrace your natural texture, experiment with different looks, and let your confidence shine through every strand.

Tracee Ellis Ross – Voluminous Curls

Black Celebrity Hair Styles Breaking Beauty Standards 11

If you’re looking for hair inspiration, Tracee Ellis Ross’ voluminous curls are a stunning choice. As one of the most iconic black celebrity hairstyles, Tracee’s curly hair is a beautiful example of embracing natural texture and celebrating African American hairstyles. Her signature look showcases the beauty and versatility of curly hair, inspiring women all over the world to embrace their own natural locks.

Tracee Ellis Ross has become a style icon not only for her acting talent but also for her impeccable sense of fashion and unique approach to hairstyling. Her voluminous curls are often styled in various ways, showcasing different textures and lengths. Whether she’s rocking a full head of bouncy curls or opting for a more controlled and defined look, Tracee always exudes confidence and sophistication.

One of the great things about Tracee’s hairstyle is that it can be achieved with minimal styling time. With proper care can achieve healthy and vibrant curls just like hers. Regular deep conditioning treatments, moisturizing products specifically designed for curly hair, and avoiding excessive heat styling are key factors in keeping your curls healthy.

To recreate Tracee Ellis Ross’ voluminous curls at home, start by washing your hair with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner made for curly hair. Apply a curl-enhancing cream or mousse to damp hair, then use diffuser attachment on blow dryer to enhance natural curl pattern while minimizing frizz. Finish off with some light-hold hairspray to keep your curls in place throughout the day.

Issa Rae – Faux Locs

Black Celebrity Hair Styles Breaking Beauty Standards 12

Issa Rae’s faux locs are a popular choice for those seeking a stylish and low-maintenance hairstyle. Faux locs are type of protective style gives the appearance of real dreadlocks without the commitment or long-term damage to your natural hair. They can be achieved by wrapping synthetic or human hair around your own hair, creating beautiful and versatile locs that can last for several weeks.

One of the great things about Issa Rae’s faux locs is their versatility. You can wear them in various styles, such as an afro puff, cornrow braids, Fulani braids, or even rope twists. These twist hairstyles are not only trendy but also serve as a natural-looking protective style for black ladies who want to give their hair a break from heat styling or chemical treatments.

Faux locs are also popular among African American women because they provide an opportunity to experiment with different lengths and colors. You can choose short or long locs and opt for variety of shades ranging from dark brown to honey blonde. This allows you to express your personal style while still maintaining the health and integrity of your natural hair.

To maintain Issa Rae’s faux locs, you’ll need to practice proper care routines like regular moisturizing and cleansing. You should also avoid excessive manipulation or tension on the roots to prevent breakage or damage.

Serena Williams – Cornrows

Black Celebrity Hair Styles Breaking Beauty Standards 13

Serena Williams’ cornrows are a chic and practical hairstyle choice. Cornrows, also known as braids, have been a staple in African hairstyles for centuries and continue to be popular among black women today. Serena’s cornrows not only showcase her unique sense of style but also highlight the versatility of black celebrity hairstyles.

Here are five reasons why Serena Williams’ cornrows are worth trying:


Cornrows have become a fashionable choice for women of all backgrounds. They can be seen on red carpets, runways, and even in everyday street style.

Low Maintenance

Once properly installed, cornrows require minimal daily maintenance. This makes them ideal for busy ladies like Serena who need a stylish yet efficient hairstyle.

Protective Style

Cornrows help protect natural hair from damage caused by heat styling tools or harsh weather conditions. They keep the hair neatly tucked away and allow it to grow healthy and strong.

Inspirational Icons

Many black celebrities, such as Tessa Thompson and Diana Ross, have sported cornrows throughout their careers. Following in their footsteps adds a touch of elegance to your own look.


Cornrows offer endless opportunities for creativity when it comes to styling options. From intricate patterns to adding accessories like beads or cuffs, you can experiment with various looks that suit your personal taste.

Lizzo – Colored Pixie Cut

Black Celebrity Hair Styles Breaking Beauty Standards 14

Lizzo’s colored pixie cut is a bold and vibrant hairstyle that showcases her unique sense of style. This trendy haircut has gained attention for its edgy look and striking color. Lizzo, known for her confident and fearless persona, rocks this hairstyle with confidence and charisma.

A colored pixie cut is a versatile option that customized to suit different face shapes and hair types. Soft curls or spiral curls can be added to create texture and dimension, enhancing the overall look. This hairstyle works particularly well for oblong face shapes as it helps to add width and balance out the facial features. However, oval face shapes can also pull off this look effortlessly.

One notable celebrity who has sported a similar style is Tyra Banks. She embraced a blonde version of the colored pixie cut, which complemented her skin tone beautifully.

To achieve Lizzo’s colored pixie cut, it is recommended to visit a professional hair salon that specializes in cutting short hairstyles. They will be able to provide expert advice on choosing the right shade of color and help you maintain vibrant hues over time.

For those who prefer longer hair but still want to experiment with this bold style, hair extensions can be used to temporarily achieve the desired length without compromising on the overall look.

Naomi Campbell – Supermodel Straight

Black Celebrity Hair Styles Breaking Beauty Standards 15

If you want to achieve Naomi Campbell’s supermodel straight look, you can use flat iron to create sleek and polished hair. With this hairstyle, you’ll exude confidence and sophistication, just like the iconic supermodel herself.

Here are some reasons why rocking Naomi Campbell’s signature straight hair will leave you feeling fabulous:


Embrace your inner diva and channel the fierce energy of strong women like Michelle Obama, Samira Wiley, Yara Shahidi, and Zoe Kravitz, who have all sported this sleek style with grace and elegance.

Expert Guidance

Trust in the expertise of renowned hairstylist Ted Gibson, who has worked his magic on celebrities such as Danai Gurira and Lauryn Hill. With Gibson’s guidance, achieving a flawless supermodel straight look is within reach.

Timeless Beauty

The allure of perfectly straight hair never goes out of style. Just like Naomi Campbell herself, this timeless hairstyle transcends trends and remains a classic choice for American ladies looking to make a statement.

So go ahead and embrace your inner supermodel by rocking Naomi Campbell’s super sleek straight hair. With the right tools and a touch of confidence, you’ll turn heads wherever you go. Remember to protect your locks with heat-protectant products before using any styling tools to maintain healthy-looking hair. Get ready to feel empowered, glamorous, and unstoppable!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Beyoncé Maintain Her Sleek Bob Hairstyle?

To maintain her sleek bob hairstyle, Beyoncé likely follows a diligent hair care routine. She may use heat-protectant products before styling with a flat iron for that smooth and polished look.

Regular trims are essential to keep the ends of her bob neat and healthy. Beyoncé might also use lightweight oils or serums to add shine and combat frizz.

Overall, her dedication to proper maintenance helps her achieve and sustain her sleek bob hairstyle.

What Products Does Rihanna Use to Achieve Her Long, Wavy Curls?

To achieve Rihanna’s long, wavy curls, you can start by using a high-quality curling iron or wand. Apply a heat protectant spray to shield hair from damage.

Then, section your hair and wrap each strand around the curling iron, holding for a few seconds before releasing it.

Afterward, use a texturizing spray to add volume and definition to the curls.

Finish off with a light hairspray for a hold that lasts all day.

How Does Zendaya Create Her Braided Crown Hairstyle?

To create Zendaya’s braided crown hairstyle, start by parting hair in middle and dividing it into two sections.

French braid each section from the front of your head towards the back, adding small sections of hair as you go.

Continue braiding until you reach nape of your neck on each side.

Once both braids are complete, wrap them around the top of your head like a crown and secure them with bobby pins.

Finish with hairspray for hold.

What Is Lupita Nyong’o’s Hair Care Routine for Her Natural Afro?

Lupita Nyong’o’s hair care routine for her natural afro is a testament to the beauty of simplicity. She embraces her natural texture and focuses on nourishing and protecting her locks.

Regular deep conditioning treatments help to maintain moisture and prevent breakage, while gentle detangling techniques keep her curls intact.

Lupita also emphasizes the importance of using natural products that are free from harsh chemicals.

How Can Taraji P. Henson Style Her Pixie Cut for Different Occasions?

For different occasions, Taraji P. Henson can style her pixie cut in various ways to complement her look. She could add texture and volume by using a texturizing spray or wax for a casual and edgy vibe.

For a more elegant event, she could opt for sleek and smooth styling with the help of a flat iron and shine serum.

Adding accessories like headbands or barrettes can also elevate her pixie cut for special occasions.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it; the world of black celebrity hairstyles is a vibrant and ever-evolving one. From Beyoncé’s sleek bob to Lupita Nyong’o’s natural afro, these styles not only showcase individuality but also empower and inspire.

You now have the tools to experiment with your own hair and embrace your unique beauty. So go ahead, be bold like Rihanna’s long wavy curls or elegant like Naomi Campbell’s supermodel straight hair.

Let your hair tell your story and make a statement that leaves everyone in awe. Keep up with the trends, stay confident, and slay those hairstyles!

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